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Two houses in the same yard for sale in Golden Valley, Bahan!

SN: S3397  2021-07-14 07:38
စျေးနှုန်း 15000 Lakh Ks      (≒1000000 US$, 1US$≒1500Ks)
အကျယ်အဝန်း floor space: 8000 ft2 ()    (=743.2 m2)
land space: 11325 ft2 ()    (=1052.0925 m2)
အမျိုးအစားလုံးချင်း တည်နေရာရန်ကုန်မြို့, Bahan
အခန်းပေါင်း 9 Master bed room,  1 Bed room,  1 Living room,  1 Dining room,  10 Wash room,  1 Kitchen,  
တည်ဆောက်ပုံReinforced concrete ကွန်ကရစ် အလွှာ / အထပ်ပေါင်း 3 building stories
တည်ဆောက်သည့်နှစ်Unknown မသိ အပြင်အဆင်Good ကောင်း
ပရိဘောဂNo မရှိ လေအေးပေးစက်10 unit(s)
ဓာတ်လှေကားNo မရှိ ဖုန်းNo မရှိ
ကားရပ်နားရန်Yes ရှိ ဝင်ရောက်နိုင်သည့်ရက်စွဲImmediately ချက်ချင်း
ရှင်းလင်းချက်This house is located in Golden Valley near Kabaraye Pagoda Road and it will take ten minute to walk to Pearl Playground, Masoeyein Monastery, Pearl Condo, Lotteria, Mya Yeik Nyo Hotel and State Schools. Being located on Kanbawza Street in Golden Valley, it is convenient for transportation and it is also safe area. Embassies are located around that area.
Total measurement of the land is 11325 square feet and there are two houses in the compound. One is two storey house and the another is three storey house. Three or four cars are available for parking in the compound. The land is paternal ownership. It is suitable for a big family and it is also easy to find a tenant for that house because most of the experts are interested in that area.
If you want to know more information or want to visit the room, feel free to contact to Sky Bridge Real Estate. If you are happy with us and sign the contract with us, we also provide you preparing contract, negotiating with the owner if you need something more, helping you to check official documents of the room and helping you to know the information from related Government offices.
လမ်းပန်းဆက်သွယ်ရေးYou can get there by taking 28, 36 YBS buses.


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