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Paddy Lands have changed more into other lands

Myanmar real estate news Yangon region’s Paddy land have changes more into other lands and paddy land acre are found decreased every year.

U Aung Min, Myat Min Real Estate said in the present agriculture laws does not expressed strict discipline and law that not to change agriculture land into other lands and for that, from paddy land to other land which unchangeable law should make soon.”

He added that although the law cannot able to make soon then at least paddy land should keep as it is and use it for agriculture land.

Moreover, the paddy land which was not used as a paddy lands, and those who used as other lands without permission, need to take action, said U Aung Min.

If the land has used for other purpose rather than agriculture purposes then it will varnished away slowly. Therefore, those who keep paddy land in empty in Yangon and those who use it as for other purpose then need to take action strictly in a way.