Myanmar real estate news

Some of Agency said, “It’s time to buy new city property in South East Yangon”

Myanmar real estate news “At present, the real estate trading have quiet, but there is a good opportunity for those who have plan to buy house and land property in south east area in Yangon,” according to real estate agents.

Some people observed that silent in trading may have good opportunities in the other side. The effect of quiet property trade is seen as the property market price are down and can get reasonable price in real estate market place, according to agents.

“At present condition, the customer who willing to buy with 200 lakhs kyats to 400 Lakhs Kyats are increasing in new city area. If spending 200 lakhs kyats, the space 15 feet, 40 feet only will get. But if building as a two storey landed house then the family will enough to stay there. In other prospects view, it is better than rent room with costly in downtown,” according to real estate agents.

Majority of customer have asked 300 lakhs kyats cost land properties which from Manawhari Street to Yan Kyi Aung street in south and North, from 55 street to 45 street areas in east and west in new city areas.

Some owner sell the land with 1000 lakhs kyats on the main road side. But if you give time and search the property those areas then you can get it with about 500 lakh kyats cost property. Some agency said that there are some properties 30 square feet, 40 square feet which is available with 400 lakhs kyats the property on the main road side. The properties on the main road side are good for doing investment for the future too.