Myanmar real estate news

Needs strong principles to enter larger Housing Investments in Construction Sector

Myanmar real estate news “Although there are people who would like to do big investment in the construction sector, but the government has yet proclaimed for assurance of policy housing sector,” said construction employers.

“There are investors who like to carry out big projects like housing projects, factory, and basic Construction building. Actually they are waiting for insurance of policy from the government,” said U Aung Min, Myat Min Construction.

The government announced priority to do low-cost housing project construction and constructing factory city are involved among 10 project within current fistle year at the end of last June by Myanmar Investment Commission. And he announced that “for those who want to do that projects, they will have to negotiate with region government.”

Though interested to do investment in Myanmar, if the government does not allow to investment those project then it will not be easy, said Mr.Runze Yu, Forest City project to become as green city of southeast Asia, Chairman of Country Garden Construction Company of Hong Kong, who implement in Joeha City in Malaysia Country.

“I was in Yangon in the last month and wondering that 5 minutes drives ship to Yangon middle and the other side of living styles, development are quite different. I am interesting to do big investment in such areas can develop but yet to develop in Yangon City. But for that I need the recommendation of Myanmar government,” he said.

Nation peace to carry out big investment in Yangon, calm and quite, region peace and the government needs to announce exact policy, said Mr. Runze Yu.