Myanmar real estate news

Myanmar real estate news
Myanmar Real estate sales exhibition will be held at the end of this month in Singapore”, said Mr.Kelvin Goos, Managing Director of Shwe

125 of medium-cost housing project and 15 of high-cost housing projects apartments will be sell in the real estate exhibition held for Myanmar worker in Singapore on August 26 -27, 2017, he report to Myanmar Times.

“In the meantime, the name list of buyer and visitor have been already over 1350 persons for those who have plan to buy the apartment at the real estate exhibition held in Singapore,” he added.

“Housing apartment will get with special discount price during the show and will be sell by instalment payment system by collaborating with Bank,” said Mr.Kevin Goos.

“The apartments of each project would be sold with different special discounted price by construction employers,” he added.

Myanmar workers of Singapore are more interested to purchase modern luxury decorated housing and condominium apartment which included car parking, Gym room and swimming pool. Not only that they also would like to buy a medium condominium apartment for their relatives who are staying in Myanmar, he added.

He continuing said that they have expected to get sale from 5 million US$ to 10 million US$ within those two days exhibition.