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High great property changes in the Yangon rental markets

Myanmar real estate news It’s been for many years the raising price without went down in Myanmar real estate markets. However, the switch to turn the situation to turn in the direction signs were found from those situation in this year. Although we did not see yet real estate trade market price down direction in significantly, at present for the change of market is Condominiums and High-grade house will be pointed as the most prominent example.

“Condominium and High-grade house rental price are already downed although the number of the people who wanted to rent were decline yet within the markets,” report to Myanmar Times by market news sources.

In fact, those rental market place were the main purpose for foreigners.
Before, it was silent if the rental price is increase. This is the first time lower down the price for this year, said Dr. Htoo Myat Naing of Real Estate Agency.

The reason of decrease the price is because of increasing of Condominium property, silent in property market trade, interesting in rental than buying the property.
He added that the rental price for condominium is approximately decreasing for 10 percent.