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Construction Sector Transparency Initiative Yangon Region Government

Myanmar real estate news MCRB introduced about Construction Sector Transparency Initiative to Yangon region government to have open and transparent in Construction Sector.

Construction Sector Transparency Initiative is a non-government organization (NGO) Government formed by civil organizations and started introduced to region government and business people to cooperate to have transparency in construction sector, said Daw Phyue Phyue Zin MCRB project and communication officer.

To develop a country needs to be open and transparent in each section. It can also be unavailable for other groups that is why we introduced to the government. And also we would like to done by government on this work.

“The job description of Cost Group were to open and transparent in projects building by government with public funds, Since started from tender, checking, project quality, expense cost will be done according to their standard and working to ensure open and transparent,” he said.