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Yangon New City project will be drew for implementation

Myanmar real estate news At present which drawing Yangon new city project will be drew in order to match within upcoming ten century of Yangon population, said Daw Nilar Khaw, Electric Ministry, Industrial Ministry and Transportation Ministry.

She said in the meeting of Yangon Region Htlawtaw emergency in the second time on Jul 10.

She added that Yangon City will be like the Mega City which increase above 10 million population during in the coming 10 years. Therefore they have planning to have Yangon New City Project in order to match with Mega City.

If we observe the population combining both in the vertical expansion and horizontal expansion, it will become as Mega City which the residents will be up to 10 million over. Therefore, we need to arrange combining both vertical and horizontal to extend Yangon,” said Daw Nilar Kyaw.

But while the current City has extending, as it need to extend Horizontal expansion in outside of the city, and vertical Expansion has also need to extend,” she added.

At present, they have to arrange civil population from 1 million to 2 million to live and promote the current population in the boundary of Yangon.