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Good Potential of Property in South East of Mandalay

Myanmar real estate news The property in south east area of Mandalay City have good potential and that might leads to housing development in the coming month, said some agents.

The majority of real estate expert consider Mandalay City areas shifted as strategically placed in city south east area. According to basic construction building concerning real estate those observation was make strong which implement at present.

Good potential of South East area have can be seen starting from Theik Pan Street till Pyay GyiTaKhun area in south, 78 street to 48 street in east and west. Implementation project have already completed in east and west area. A new planning will become a good support for the future of real estate.

As Theik Pan Street, Manaw Hary Street, Tharyarwaddy MinGyi Street and Mingyi Yan Naung Street which connected with east and west become strong develop in this area. The middle street, 62 street is located in south North Street and the street in east and west are become strong develop. Among south North Street, specially 62 street, 65 street, 66 street, 68 street, 74 and 78 street have developed and heading for new property market place.