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Trading Apartment rates were fixed within three of Township

Myanmar real estate news Region Government office fixed the tax rates to supervise upon apartment trading within three township which most located apartment in Mandalay in the first week of this month.

The apartment tax rates in Chan Aye Thar San Township, Chan Mya Thar Si Township, Pyay Gyi Takhun Township were released to pay with those fixed rates while supervising.

In Chan Aye Thar San Township for the apartment floor and space, road side are fixed the price and majority 518 Lakhs kyats and the least price is 65 lakhs. Floor space is 15 ft, 50 ft, 18 ft, 55 ft, 20 ft, 60 ft.

New city in Chan Myah Thar Si Township, four storey building faced to 73 street, from K7400 million to K3557 million, inside from K3557 million to K3594 million, back side from K5616 million to K5990 million. The least price First floor in Tower A in Six storey building, from K1478 million to K1489 million, second floor is cost K1502 million- 1514 million, third floor is cost K1526million-K1531 million, fourth floor is cost K1538- 1587 million, fifth floor and sixth floor is cost K1722 million – K1733 million.

First floor is cost from 1217 million to 1221 million, second floor is cost 1233 to 1238, third floor is 1242 to 1245 million. Fourth floor is cost from 1609 to 1610 million, fifth floor is cost 1623 million to 1647 million, Sixth floor is 1693-1696 million in Tower B.

Apartment at road side are cost 288 lakhs Kyats, main road side cost 504 lakhs kyats, ground floor 240 lakhs kyats in Shwe Pyi Mandalar Apartment, first floor 200 lakhs kyats, second floor 160 lakhs kyats.