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A Good Time to buy plots on the main road

Myanmar real estate news “Due to the current situation of real estate market in the city of Mandalay within the new area, this is a good time to buy the plots which located on the main road side,” said some real estate agents.

The plots on the main road in the new area, in the southeast of the city’s area, to live in the main plot or to work and especially a good time to invest in the long term and will get benefits.

Except the areas of prices prevailed, the real estate transaction of the active population in most areas have not well in trade. According to the present situation, the former regularly onto the main road, 40 feet, 60 feet width cost as 1000 Lakhs Kyats and the risk can be spun if narrow width is usual amount available under 500 lakhs kyats.

The land value under 500 Lakhs Kyats shorter feet, but an average 30 feet, 40 feet width plots. If a good building has start to build on such a width space plots, is convenient to live, for the main advantage is located on the main road point. These place will become a Good commerce in the real estate future. According to its location and space area, some plots are available with 400 lakhs kyats price. Therefore, it is a good time to buy for those who have a good amount in hands.