The detail of the real estate related news

The real estate trade may remain as a static market till at the end of this year

Myanmar real estate news “Mandalay's real estate market that has not become active until the end of next static market could continue,” said some real estate.

Real estate and push tax cut will be applied to the value of new standards in the second week of this month, lower than last year's average of 2 per cent of the issued, Mandalay City Development Committee area holding an area of 1.2 thousand square feet of land, Open face 2 canceled the surgery may only be applied to only a small area of land less than 1.2 square feet issued on the terms approved by authorities to go when such release, but the transaction has not seen any significant change to invest in real estate.

According to a recent change in terms of real estate in urban high-value of a real estate transaction has been able to lower the impact on the time of the transaction conditioning percent likely to stay longer. Investors are afraid to invest in real estate rather the majority is on a wait condition. Therefore if the only other business job has well running process then the real estate market would have to become strong.

Because of long-term transactions spurs as a residential investment is still less suitable areas to purchase the current price of these properties can be considered to indicate that cost is not bad. Though it is a good time to buy the property by seeing the development of population and transportation but still the real estate market price is quiet.