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Approximately only Three Thousand Engineers get License recognized by the Council

Myanmar real estate news According to Engineering Council Law which enacted in the past four years ago, Myanmar Engineers were no longer to allow to operate job but it will get only receiving license from Council. But currently, there are only three thousands engineers who hold license from Council in Myanmar.

“If working without holding license which recognized by Engineer council will be taken action,” said U Win Myint, former chairman of Myanmar Engineering Council.
On the other hand, early in the last year of 2016, while the law started active, engineering community had criticizing about that. To get license from Council, the number of applicants was also very few even from the beginning.

But applicants have increased tribal in this year,” said U Lin, Vice chairman of Myanmar Engineering Society.

Engineers did not wanted to spend twice like re-test exam and attending educational seminars. They also criticized about applying twice for License for it had already issued by City Affair Office in the previous.