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Hopping to active the real estate market is still few

Myanmar real estate news Housing in Mandalay’s real estate trading which purchase to sell when getting the profit in a short term is few to become active and needs to wait till coming New Year,” said majority of Real Estate agents.

Activation real estate trading is related to other business sectors which running well and as real estate agents also facing for a long term hopping situation. But after 2011 years, obviously housing markets is down and currently visiting the actual purchase and the highest percentage of those who needs to stay aimed to sell back rather than planning to sell back after controlled for long term the markets. Because of that the buyer are few,” said some of agents.

To active market trading means something that incites land, for example, any trading fast hands, or because of any good project, there appears to be a situation that trading needs to. After appearing such project in a short period of time, because of speculator, property rates may get into natural false lost market rates if compared with developing housing area, facing disadvantage for long term transactions and the market may stop.