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Luxury Condominium can be purchased with Yoma Bank loan for 15 years with installment payment system.

Myanmar real estate news The luxury condo room of Golden City can be able to start buying with installment payment system 15 years by taking loan money total up to 70 percent from Yoma Bank on September 29, 2017.

Those who planned to buy through this plan should be able to apply the total price up to 70 percent of apartment from Yoma Bank and luxury Condo room of Golden City Condominium project are could be able to buy with 15 years installment payment system and have to pay 13 percentage as interest rates.

Wish that all to have own land and house. That is why collaborated with Yoma Bank who can work long term 15 years. If we buy with Home loan program, the interest rates is carry out putting maximum 1.5 percent as a special promotion, said Mr. Tan Thiam Hee of ETC Engineering on September 29 , Golden City Strategic Cooperation Conference 2017.

As Golden Land Real Estate Development Company, the former Golden City Luxury apartments have been sold by interests-free 48-month installment payment system Yoma Bank to apply for 15- years Loans in collaboration with the system to be available for the first time.