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Why Architecture is important for the people?

Myanmar real estate news Interview of U Maw Lin, a member of the Central Committee of the Council of Architecture Morocco, Vice Chairman of Myanmar Architects Association.

“Yangon is a good example if the people ask what will happen while a building is being built without looking to its architecture. Yangon lost its comfortable residents and its beautiful environment, the building were being recently built with contract system, It is because the benefit of weakness in management of Urban System since from over the past 20 years. That is why U Maw Lin a member of Myanmar Architect Council of the central Committee shared about the architecture is how important for the people,” reported to Myanmar times

Why architecture is important while building the flat?

The building with architecture means before a construction is start, drawing a design of the building first then built and a simple building can be built by contractor, landlord or any one.

When drawing an architectural building, the most important priority thought is security. The danger to anyone and will not risk putting. Risk impossible to secure confidence likely has a full support. Second considered to convenient for the user and thirdly to be more comfortable and not to disturbing their mind. At last it is considered for it’s to be beautiful.