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Good time to trade for Mann Real Estate Market

Myanmar real estate news “It is a suitable time for those who want to buy and sell the property now in Mandalay Real Estate market although it was being quiet for long years,’ said some real estate Agents.

Since more than six years ago because of corruption, the properties market price became over raise and the market became calm and quiet. After that also it became quiet because of new avenue tax law.

“However the property rates are negotiable position now many who sell functionally in order to sale out and getting condition to reduce the tax, that is why you should not keep quiet to purchase now,” said U Wanna Soe, Phoe La Min Real Estate Agency.

“The market has been quiet for a long time and the owner also did not increase the price and the price are negotiable too. According to draft tax revenue, 3 percent for the first 3 months, and 5 percent for the next 6 months will collected the tax. So that this is the right time to purchase the properties,” he added.

At present, Kyats 300Lakhs worth land and house properties are apparently quiet calm because of tax revenue in 2016 and good trading was happened when it’s only those who truly needed.