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The Company got millions of Land Acre but planted only few Palm trees

Myanmar real estate news “Myanmar Auto Corporations could been implemented only 3 percent of the total land who received a lots of land properties to plant palm oil tree in Tanintharri Division since from 2011,” stated in the reports of “a consequence of investment in palm oil feint agriculture background titled” which published on March 17.

The reports were written by Green Homeland Association, South Youth Association, Myanmar Lawyers Network, Future Light Committee (awake), Green Network (Myeik Archipelago), The Best Local group called Panda Joke group based on the information which received from the research held from the earliest of 2017 to till March 2018.

“Myanmar Auto Corporation got the highest land properties 133.600 Land Acres among the Companies which gave by the government to plant Palm trees,” according to the report.

“Over 2000 Land Acre of the local’s Garden and hill-side cultivation were involved in that permitted land.”

Myanmar Auto Corporation is a Korea-based auto industry (AIC) and Singapore-based Resources & Resource Pte.Ltd and co-founder, has been observed.