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Article 25 in the wake of the real estate world

Myanmar real estate news Last February 14, draft federal tax bill has been submitted by the government to the parliament, and the fact that businessmen asked to reduce income tax was included in the article 25 of law.

Construction employers, the real estate businessmen and relation entrepreneur welcomed and supported them by celebrating with special such income tax collection will be reduce.

Before that celebration the construction market was quiet and down, the businessmen met with the government in the earlier months in January and February and asked to reduce the tax bill in Yangon and Mandalay. Because of that they delighted on the result out.

But on March 20, the law was confirmed in Union Hlawt taw, article 25 which related to tax free and it was most interested by the people among the whole law was not included in law. Hlawtaw released this law by making 5 times meeting with the government, employers and Hlawtaw Amat because there are people who wanted to oppose as it is in the law.