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Warehouse market needs to improve

Myanmar real estate news People see only the condo rooms, shop and office in real estate business. But not very widely known warehouse is important in business.

The people who lives in the areas only know it’s important. Actually it is also important for other production and Agriculture.

“Warehouse are to be built on the free plot and lend for long years and Good Security and service warehouse works are urgent need in the present business sector,” News source report to Myanmar Times.

“Logistic industry in other countries is a great host and work properly. Here, there are only hiring level,” Chairman U Aye Taung of Shwe Lin Pan industrial zones of Yangon.

“Because Myanmar is the main import of goods from international developing countries, later this business will be developed more and the government should be prepared the strict laws soon concerning with industrial zones,” said U Aye Taung.

“Warehouse should be built as soon as valid dedication in Industrial zones, for the land are using properly in this industrial zones, and it benefits for the country. The expense are more as Industrial Zones and warehouse are far from each place,” he added.