The detail of the real estate related news

Wide space Acre land and buildings to rent in the private in Mandalay

Myanmar real estate news Mandalay City Development of land and some buildings will collaborate with the companies in order to develop and fair the city, said the committee.

“The current places which ready to joint adventure are 7 Acre wide meat market, 41 street, Chan Mya Tharsi Township area, Mann Jewelry Market, Na Di Myanmar Hotel and Shwe Pyi Mandalar bus station of between 60 and 62 street, Maha Aung Myay Township. If it is interested you can contact us,” said U Kyaw San Myint, member of City development Committee.

Now City Development had already purchased Nadi Myanmar Hotel. We would like to develop bus station, build apartments and hospitals. Mann Jewelry market is exist in the city but tire, mouse are in the current market and not secure for fire wood.

“Another thing is old abattoir factory will be shifted to new factory in south, north. Hotels, Hospitals and luxury apartments should invest in this place. Others company were also offer for this places,” he said.

Nadi Myanmar Hotel have taken back after long term rent to investor. Bus Stationary which is near to hotel have been led by city development and even the other places too.

“The facts, investments which presented by the company have to check clearly and must presented to region government. We will continue to work after permitted by the government,” said U Kyaw San Myint