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Mandalay port Project will begin at the end of this year

Myanmar real estate news Aiming to develop water trade in the region to implement Mandalay port development project constructions will begin in the end of this year, said U Toe Aung Lin, director of Water Source and Rivers Development department.

“Port development project collaboration with Japan International cooperation Agency (Jack) and 38 USD will be cost,” he said on May 31.

It is Union project. Prepare for land Compensation. Myanmar’s government is doing to sign with Jack. Jack have appropriated to be able to start the project in the end of this year. It will be on December. The Union government have already fixed it as project land. If there is owner of the project then fixed compensation must be paid,” said U Toe Aung Lin.

The project will be built on 2 Acre land, one Kilometer distance from west of Mandalay, Circular road and west of the Golden Lon Bo Monastery in order to transport which the passengers and good of throughout Irrawaddy River to the worldwide.

Only within the project lands have to pay for compensation and action will be taken on squatters in accordance with the laws.