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Both ThanLyin Bridge and Dala Bridge will be built in this end of year

Myanmar real estate news Yangon- Dala Bridge as Korea- Myanmar Friendship which will be built with the support of Korea was disputed between the Port authority which under the Ministry of Construction and Transportation for Bridge design and it was dogmatically 6 years. The local were requested to protest in the last week for they are also preferred to build quickly.

“Therefore they will draw again the new bridge design and will be built in this end of year,” said U Thein Myint Mon Bridge Department engineer,” expressed on the state newspaper on June 25.

“The design of the Bridge was originally designed in the open position waterway bridge pillar designed to enlarge the channel needed to expand the bridge that is why the new bridge design was redrew,” said U Thein Myint Mon.

“Because of the new bridge design has to draw, it will take time at least from four months to six months. If according to the original plan, the bridge has been already started to build now,” he told the state newspaper.