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Myanmar Real Estate Services Law will be approved in Three months

Myanmar real estate news “Real Estate Services Bill has been summited to parliament and it will be approved in three months” said U Tin Maung Win, the president of the Hluttaw committee on Transportation, Communication and Construction at the Anniversary meeting of Myanmar Real Estate Service Association. It was held at UMFCCI building on 23rd of March.

The president also said that “This Real Estate law has to be needed as internationally, the whole industry concerned suggestions are checked and summited. It will be approved in three months.” He also said that “Myanmar Real Estate Service Association (MRESA) has signed A MOU with ASEAN countries Real Estate Associations. To be marketed with these countries, the law has to be included real estate service framework, rules and conditions.”

This bill included service licenses concerned and buying & selling properties will be systematically done under tax condition and the ultra-expensive will be controlled, said U Khin Maung Than, the president of MRESA.

The bill will help bring about more systematic and professional bodies with real estate registration, training and licenses.

Ref: Myanmar Times