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Brokerage fee FREE of CHARGE for 1 year lease contract which the monthly rent is over 10LKs or 1000US$.

Brokerage fee 20% OFF for 1 year lease contract which the monthly rent is under 10LKs or 1000US$.

For property viewing, 10US$ or 10,000Ks per hour will be charged.
(Car, driver, fuel, interpreter fee are included, this charge will be returned when sign 1 year lease contract with us)

Campaign duration / area: from 22th Apr to 31st May, 2016  limited to Yangon city only
Hotel, guest house, building, factory and land are exception from the above campaign.

Note: You do better come to our office and do the procedure directly, please do not ask your interpretor to rent a house for you.
because of ① the interpretor might ask commission, that does not help you rent a good house.
② the interpretor might cheat you about the rent fee.

New properties (for rent)

2016-05-23 Available good apartment for rent near KanDawGyi.

Well decorated, ready to live and a good place. As near to KanDawGyi and suitable place for athleti ...

2016-05-20 A landed house with good decoration for rent!

This house has been already decorated well and the floor is parquet floor. It is near Dhammazedi Roa ...

2016-05-20 An available apartment immediately in Star City!

This is apartment with good decoration is most suitable for the one who want to live separately. You ...

2016-05-20 A good condo apartment for rent in Twin Centro Condo!

This condo is located at the opposite of the Asia Taw Win Hospital. It is brand new building. There ...

2016-05-20 An excellent villa for rent in Bahan!

The decoration of the house is luxurious. This is suitable for not only Embassy but ambassador. The ...

2016-05-19 An apartment for rent in River View Point Tower!

Because living room is too big, it is good for office. There is gym room, library, playground and sw ...

New properties (for sale)

2016-05-18 A new apartment with enough space for sale near Tharketa Cinema!

It is a new building and it has own meter and motor. There is also balcony. And also bathroom, toile ...

2016-05-11 Available an apartment for sale in KyaukMyaungtownship.

Including a formatted room, normal floor and the kitchen is tile floor. Easy to go every place. It ...

2016-05-09 Well-decorated condo for sale available in downtown!

Well renovated room, good for residence. located close to main road,restaurant and shopping mall. ...

2016-05-09 Available new condominium for sale in Alone Kan Nar Road.

Tile floor, decorated and river view. After bought easy to rent back. It takes 5 mininutes to go to ...

2016-05-06 Available landed house for sale in Thanlyn.

Near to bus stop. Parquetry and ready to live. Granted land type. ...

2016-04-29 Brand New (without decoration) 3 bed room condo in star city 新房(未装修) Star City

A brand new 3 bed-room condominium in Star City 仰光(全缅甸)最好的现代居民小区 S ...

Myanmar real estate basic knowledge

・All the prices in [Myanmar Housing] are the owner's desired price; it may be cheaper after negotiation.

・In Myanmar, the rent contract always be 1 year contract, the 1 year's rent should be paid at beginning, no guarantor required.

・Deposit usually be 0-3 months rent, landloard decide it according interior conditions, furniture and electrical equipment.

・The brokerage fee is 1 month's rent.

・In Yangon rental market, the supply can not catch up the demand which caused by foreigners and foreign companies.

・The real estate prices were soaring in Myanmar due to the recent Myanmar boom. Currently, Foreigner and foreign capital company are not allowed to buy real estate property in Myanmar.

What is Myanmar Housing

Myanmar Housing is the biggest real estate portal website in Myanmar, founded in 2011. You can find a lot of information about landed house, condominium, industrial properties, office, shop and land. Our website is also open for all real estate agent in Myanmar to advertise properties include buy, sell, lend and rent.
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Myanmar real estate information (for sale)

If you want to sell or buy a house, you need property information as well as buyer or seller information. As a buyer, you can find many landed house, condominium, industrial properties, office, shop and land. As an agent, you can post your real estate information on Myanmar Housing, so it can help you to find buyer.
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Myanmar real estate information (for rent)

If you are not looking to buy or sell an estate but instead you are looking to rent or lend for temporary use, you have visited a right site. In our portal website, there also have a lot of informations about renting and lending estates. You can find yourself and choose to match with you.
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Myanmar land and industrial properties

You may need a land to build a firm, factory, industry, shop, or just want for future use. Therefore, here we made a list of estate that can be buy, sell, rent and lend. We have a lot of informations about them. We wish you could find the land which matches your requirements.
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