Beautiful Clear Bath Room


2016-06-30 Great junction area and ready to live condo for rent!

Brand new condo,well-renovated room and internet line completed. Ready to live condo and located cl ...

2016-06-30 Spacious Room for Rent in Housing closed to Junction Square Shopping Center!

The room is very clean and light and spacious. Closed to Sinmalite Market, Hledan Area and Junction ...

2016-06-30 Diamond condo around modern buildings and shopping!

Well-renovated room and located close to Hledan Junction, Junction Square, Hleadn Center.Easy for tr ...

2016-06-29 Quiet and residential condo near Kandawgyie Lake - Don't miss the chance!

Highly decorated, quiet and residential area to live, near to the chatrium Hotel and Kandawgyi lake. ...

2016-06-28 Serviced office room for rent in Dagon!

# The offices are located on the fourth floor of Prime Hill Business Square, which includes a conven ...

2016-06-28 An apartment with the best decoration in Kamaryut!

Located business area,close to shopping mall,restaurant and the best residence. ...


2016-06-21 Brand New (with decoration) 1 bed room condo in Star City .

There could be favorite for foreigners. It is suitable for family living. There are swimming pool, ...

2016-06-21 Landed house with specious compound for sale in Mingalardone!

There is shrine, specious living room, interior ceiling, parquet flooring, specious kitchen in the h ...

2016-06-20 Western decoration landed house!

That area is VIP area in Thu Won Na. The environment is neat, tidy and quiet. It is well-decorated i ...

2016-06-20 A ground floor with attic for sale in South Okkalapa!

It is specious room, hall type and concreted floor with attic. It is 14 feet high and good for offic ...

2016-06-18 A landed house decorated for sale in FMI City!

This house is already decorated and facing to the east and good house. Because it is near the Bank a ...

2016-06-16 Decorated Room for sale Located in Star City!

Well-decorated room located in star city. There are 24 hours security with mini-mart and gym in tha ...


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ミャンマーハウジング(Myanmar Housing)は2011年設立されたミャンマー最大な不動産ポータルウェブサイトです。 当サイトでは、マンション、アパート、一戸建て、オフィス、店舗、土地、工業用地などに関する情報をたくさん掲載しております。. ミャンマーのすべての不動産業者が当サイトに不動産情報を掲載できます。

ミャンマー不動産情報 (売り物件)

不動産を売ったり、買ったりする場合、物件情報・売り手情報・買い手情報必要不可欠です。 買い側にとって、当サイトにて、マンション、アパート、一戸建て、オフィス、店舗、土地など大量な情報が手に入ります。. 不動産業者にとって、当サイトに物件情報を掲載することにより、より早く買い手を見つかります。

ミャンマー不動産情報 (賃貸物件)

不動産を売る買うではなく、賃貸物件を探す場合でも、 ミャンマーハウジング(Myanmar Housing)が非常に役に立ちます。多くの賃貸物件(マンション、アパート、一戸建て、オフィス、店舗)から、 きっと貴方にぴったりの物件が見つかります。他人に貸したい場合でも、弊サイトに掲載すれば、早く借手が見つかります。


家、会社、工場、ショップを建てるために土地が必要な場合があります。 ミャンマーハウジング(Myanmar Housing)には、たくさんの住宅地、工業用地の情報があります。 土地の売り物件の他、貸し物件もあり、貴方の要件と一致する土地をきっと見つけることができます。



すべての不動産物件情報を無料 で掲載できます.

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