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Thanlyin low-cost housing planned

Myanmar real estate news Yangon's Thanlyin township is set to get some new low-cost housing, with the Department of Urban and Housing Development planning to partner with private contractors.

U Thar Htay, chair of the Myanmar Construction Entrepreneur Association (MCEA), told The Myanmar Times that the Department of Urban and Housing Development (DUHD) and the Ministry of Construction, of which the DUHD is part, were working on the project.

“We have already offered to the Ministry of Construction to build low-cost apartments in a joint [effort] with government. Now, we are negotiating with the Ministry of Construction as soon as possible to build low-cost housing in Thanlyin Township, on land owned by Department of Urban and Housing Development,” U Thar Htay said, adding that the MCEA was representing contractors in negotiations.

The project is slated to enter the design phase in February, 2017, with construction to follow at an as-yet-undetermined date, he said.

The DUHD confirmed there is a plan for a new low-cost housing project in Thanlyin, but said it is holding off making announcements regarding the project at present.

Yangon Region Urban and Housing Development deputy director U Min Aung Aye said there are concerns about squatters occupying the land to try and gain compensation.

“We don’t want to make any announcement to media about this project right now because if there is spreading news, more squatters might come and stay in the project area to get compensation,” he said.

“Now, there are already squatters, but we don’t want more. As a first step, we have to solve this problem.”

The department says there will be an announcement on the location will be made toward the end of December, and that negotiations with contractors are ongoing.

“The site is 7 acres but I couldn’t tell the exact place or address,” he said.

Quoted from mmtimes.