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Housing Projects to be more purchase and sale in instalment payment in 2017

Myanmar real estate news The construction business people said, “The apartments are becoming better condition in purchase and sale by instalment payment system in 2017.”

“In the Real Estate marketing, though advance payment apartments and cash sales housing are slumped since from the last two years ago, but by instalment payment, it is becoming increase and good condition in purchase and sale,” said by U Nay Min, Administration Director of

“Although the Real Estate marketing have slumped, government built and selling the housing property. There are many customer and they have joint with Bank and property should be done with instalment payment system”, said by U Yan Aung from General Manager of Asia Construction.

The government is selling the low cost housing properties with instalment payment system and the customer had interested to purchase with that system.Even the construction business people started joining with Bank and selling their property with the same system. In this year, purchasing Housing project with instalment payment system will be done more than before,” said by him.