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More Confusion Trespass Problems in Myanmar Shwe LinPan Industrial Zone

Myanmar real estate news Between Trespasser and employers, it was known that the problems were more taken place for the money had asked by trespasser in Yangon Shwe Linpan Industrial Zone.

The trespass huts were built in front of industrials and asked the money, Industrial employer, Responsive person, Hlawt daw Ko sa le debated in the Last meeting on January 27 at Myanmar traders and Industrial employers’ Associations.

U Aye Tuang, chairman of Zone’s project Committee said that the trespass huts were built in front of the Industrial and asked the money such numeral cases were taken place in Shwe Lin Pan Industrial Zone.

“A group which called themselves as famer built huts in front of industrial and asked money’, he said “they are not like who asking for land lost compensation money but they are making the problem not to work properly their work” or “it was just like they frighten and asked money to give compensation which they have asked from them.”