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Getting about half of appropriation Tax Rates in the end of financial year

Myanmar real estate news Though just 50 days has left to finish current financial year, the tax rates collecting from Mandalay Region is collected only half of appropriation, said U Kyaw Moe Assistant Director on this month 8.

People became avoided the tax payment because of the raise of taxation and the tax appropriation have being raised. The main thing is that the reason of tax fee are not getting is because of the seller of properties had not paid taxes fee in this year, said U Aung Kyaw Moe.

The tax appropriation from Mandalay Revenue Department is 154.1 Billion for the year of 2016-2017 and current tax amount is 78.7 billion.

Five sector taxation from Mandalay Revenue Department and each sector from those five sector for this financial year up to this month 6 which getting the amounts are 64.28% from trading Tax, 36.35% from Income Tax, 132.32 % from Trading Tax, 89.02% from Stamp Tax and 91.56% from AungbaleThein Su Tax.