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Quiet Yangon Property Market may remain stable

Myanmar real estate news The property market of Yangon under watch for long by the investors but the rates has no changes, till today,” said by the Real Estate Agents. The business people were much hoping that it will develop again after 2016 at the time of new government which the real estate was not developed throughout two of three years but nothing has changing till today.

“In such situation we will be control of concerning the high price of property market,” Yangon Chief Minister U Pyo Min Thein said on last February.

“With property for sale and for rent, the market price of Yangon real estate are silent and a few of market price were become slump within this days,” said Yangon Real Estate Agents.

“Website of Real Estate Service expressed that property market price were slump during this week,” reported one of their investigation.

“The land price are raise down at East Dagon, South Dagon and SeikKan. The land price were 35 Lakhs, 40 lakhs but now it is cost 30 Lakhs Kyats. The land of Tin Gann Gyun is 10,000 Lakhs which was 13,000 Lakhs Kyats rates before but still nobody came and ask for this land which is going to be over one month,” expressed to by a member of the business people of Real Estates.