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Yangon Waste and Rainy Season

Myanmar real estate news Over five billion populations’ lives in Yangon, the waist are becoming increase in year after year.

Though the building of Yangon Urban built since from colonial period, it’s started with 60000 populations. And after changing into modern period, Yangon has extend many of the new city.

Yangon City have 33 townships as YCDC areas which is 306 square Miles wide.

The waste are approximately 2800 ton in per day and if including from Industrial zone, it is 3000 ton in those township.

For this waste, daily cleaning Service is supported by YCDC, Environment Care and Cleaning department.

There are still waste have seen on the main road and stream and drain, though the YCDC have supported cleaning service with new waste box and car and about 4000 daily workers each road and ward.

Especially, the waste are the reason which make close the flowing from the river, drain in the rainy season.

YCDC gave first priority to decrease the floods because of waste and which are filled with them on the road, drain, stream and the street in back side of the building and to make it clean more than last year in the City.