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ThanLyn Real Estate Market may become active because of new Bridge

Myanmar real estate news “Transportation will become easier after completed Thanlyn and Yangon Bridge, even the real estate market price may fixed while construction is going on,” said U Pyo Aung Thu from Paradise Real Estate.

“The price may expensive after completed the Bridge. The reason is that the road in Thanlyn area are good, as well as convenient for living. But one thing people are not interested is that the bridge is newly and difficult for transportation,” said U Pyo Aung Thu.

“Although, there are two bridge which connected to Thanlyn from Yangon at present, only one bridge is well support to connect with Main Township in Yangon. It is only 20 minutes drives from Yangon to Thanlyn. Because of using only a Bridge and traffic jam at near the Bridge, ThanLyn is not so famous among the real estate,” said some agency.

“At present planning to build the new bridge near the Old Bridge which most used by people, but if the new Bridge is built, the market condition may change,” he added.