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Property price is still quiet although certain to build Dala Bridge

Myanmar real estate news “Dala construction building project which to build as Korea-Myanmar goodwill was confirmed officially but there is no activity property market near the bridge and within Dala Township area,” according to real estate agents.

“The Bridge project is confirmed so land owners in Dala are hoping to attract buyers. But the market has yet to take notice. In the meantime, we can’t offer high prices because there is no buyer,” said Myanmar Real Estate Services Association’s general Secretary Daw Moh Moh Aung.

She added that “to build the bridge is certained and the seller are start to move but due to less buyer it is not so work and the price cannot be raise too high as the buyer are few”.

The farm in road side of Dala and around the farm are cost about 1,000 Lakhs Kyats per Acre. At present those farm are cost 500 Lakhs Kyats per acre and Road inside of the farm are cost from 150 to 200 Lakhs Kyats.