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500 New Street Furniture will be completely built within one and half year

Myanmar real estate news FMI Decaux Company and Yangon City Development had signed to build 500 of new modern Bus Stop in Yangon at January 20, Novotel Hotel, in Yangon.

FMI Daux means cooperating between FMI Company and France JCDeaux Company.

“Bus Stops construction will start in the coming month and they will try to build the whole cities’s bus stop into new within 18 months and designed according to city’s climate,” said FMI Company chairman, U Thein Wai.

He added that “they have confident that Bus Stop construction project is suitable with YBS System and it will be helpful for YBS system.”

Designation, installation, Maintenance will be involved in the project and the project will be invest $ 13 million.

“The total over 2000 bus stop in Yangon city but the current project to build 500 bus stop has not yet sufficient for the city,” said U Phyo Min Thein, Yangon Chief Minister on Street furniture signing ceremony.