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Yangon Apartment Market and Earthquake

Myanmar real estate news Earthquake hit recently in Myanmar this days. Most of people in Yangon lived in the high floor flat. When the earthquake hit, they were scared and lost confident on the Flat quality in which they lived.

“But on the other hand, most of the property buyer are chose priority to buy good decoration, the convenient location and the price, rather than whether it could be protect from earthquake, natural desert. Because of that the price won’t be affected,” said U Thar Aye, vice chairman of Myanmar Construction Association.

In Foreign country, people always check first the flat that whether it has strong enough to protect from earthquake hit and its’ necessary. But for us, we did not have much interest on that,” said U Thar Aye.

As for the government give permission to the foreign professors, when checkup property related to the building, it could be protected already for the buyer too,” said U Thar Aye.

Yangon City development made rules and regulations for applying of designation construction which relevant to the city’s climate.