The detail of the real estate related news

The new Municipal law had yet able to free from the old law.

Myanmar real estate news A draft of Yangon City Development new law was drawn by Yangon government submitted to the parliament on this month 2nd.

Yangon City is a commercial place as well as a population of 7 million people live and since it is the most densely populated city in Myanmar and this law was important for the benefit of millions of people.

“This law was covered within 6 months based on Singapore law and the previous 1922 years municipal law because of the needy of 2013 Yangon City development law,” said U Thein Myint, Chairman of Region Parliament Draft Law Committee told to Myanmar Times.

City Development law in 2013 was published just a law. Professional law was still yet published although the new law was already written.

The new plan also appealed law, although this new draft law was enforcement. There is no law in the capital mentioned in Chapter 6 of calculation required would be formed next seven Authority and the municipal business faction has allowed that the observers said.